Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Desire

Last week I have read a very interesting passage in a book " Make your Life worthwhile "by Emmet Fox and I felt that I should share with you....... because it is really amazing............!!!!!!! -

We all have desires.........but do we really have a burning desire....???  Read this passage and decide.....

There is no true desire without a faculty and no faculty without opportunity.

When you REALLY desire to be or do something, when you really desire it - it is a sign that God wants you to do that thing, and He has signified His desire by giving you the necessary faculty. Indeed, that very desire is really the faculty itself making known to you by your craving for expression.

People have all sorts of PASSING WISHES, but a passing wish is not a real desire. In summer, a boy wants to be a professional baseball player, but in winter  he is going to be Ski champion...and for 24 hours after the big fire around the corner, he is going to be a fireman. His sister goes to the metropolitan and sees the bouquets being passed to the prima donna and wants to be a singer; but a month later, when a women  scientist gets the Nobel prize, she thinks she will be a great chemist instead...

None of these are true desires. They are passing fancies. A true desire stays, and as time goes on it increases in force instead of diminishing. It is steady, and without excitement.

Given the desire and the developed faculty, there is no need to look opportunity.....The door will open automatically

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