Sunday, November 20, 2011

Change my Path

I saw sparkles of diamonds far away and I ran
Picked as much as I could and kept in my heart
Walked a little and I sensed blood gushing out.
For its sharp edges cut soft flesh of my core

I saw quiet waters in the valley deep down
I crept and crawled down with my bleeding heart
Shivering fingers felt  the cool but it tasted salty
For my sweat, blood, tears and dirt mixed with it.

I saw beds of red roses on the other side and
Tried to swim across, but my weak legs and
Hands failed to push me to the next shore
They were asking  me to change my path?

I adored these woods and its glittering diamonds
My deep green valleys and its pointed rocks
And blue waters of quiet lake, I felt affection for
Nevertheless, it is time for me to change my Path.